This wonderful blogger has managed to put three of my rants worth of critical concepts into one eloquent, concise, and very accurate post! I just had to share!

twentyone whatnow?

“You’re so quiet!”

“You’re quiet.”

“Quiet, quiet, quiet.”

As I searched for inspiration for a post today, it came in the form being told that I’m “quiet” and immediately I sought out to make excuses and defend myself. It came completely naturally to try and find some way to make up for the fact that I’m “quiet.”

When did quiet become a bad thing?

I was called quiet in my office today. Is it because I don’t run around making constant small talk? Is it because when I come to work, I do my work? What I don’t understand is why that is considered a bad thing. I’m a friendly person, and I’m happy to make conversation with my co-workers, and I know that I always do so with an honest smile. So, what’s the problem?

I am an introverted person. But, what many people don’t know, including myself…

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