College can teach us a lot – both in and out of the classrooms. As a lifelong lover of learning (and an appreciator of alliteration!) and a new college freshman, I want to record as many new experiences and lessons of my college experience as possible. Even better, I hope to share all of this with others, and possibly help or teach some of you how to get through college, too.
I recognize (and appreciate) that everyone is different and the college experience will be completely unique to each person, so my findings may not apply to you in any way. However, at the very least you can perhaps see how NOT to go about your college experience, or perhaps laugh at my attempts, or just be otherwise entertained by my awkward and ridiculous self.

Exhibit A (A for Awkward) Source: My sister

My experience looks a bit like this:
I’m from a small town near St. Louis, MO. I attend school three hours away at Truman State University, where I’m a Spanish and Pre-Education major. At Truman, the education program is a little interesting. I am very excited (and somewhat nervous) to begin the next chapters of my life.

Being the list-fanatic that I am, I have compiled 50 of facts about me, as seen…here:

1. My name is Katy. Not Kaitlyn, Katherine, Katie, Kate, Kathy, Kitty, or anything else. I’m Katy by birth, by law, by golly!
2. Me encanta hablar español porque es muy fascinante.
3. I have always wanted to be a teacher (minus a brief phase in middle school when I dreamed of being a journalist)
4. I hope to explore the field of education all my life – elementary education, special education, Spanish education, English As a Second Language, Comm Arts, Gifted Education, School Administration, possibly even politics so that I can change the mess that is the American Education System.
5. I’m a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals!
6. My music taste is flawless and undefined by genre.
7. I love reading and writing.
8. I’m forgetful.
9. I have never lived anywhere else but Home!
10. I am in a very slow, deliberate transition towards vegetarianism and veganism.
11. I’m the youngest of 3 kids. Brother, Sister, Me.
12. My sister is my best friend and hero.
13. I looooooove movies and TV shows.
14. I’ve never liked math. At all.
15. I was always the “super quiet, super smart” girl. Or, probably more accurately, the total nerd.
16. I love travelling, as little as I have, and hope my life is full of road trips and mountainous landscapes!

Yellowstone - the most beautiful place I've ever been. (I ACTUALLY TOOK THIS PICTURE PERSONALLY HOW BEAUTIFUL WOW)

Yellowstone – the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. (I ACTUALLY TOOK THIS PICTURE PERSONALLY HOW BEAUTIFUL WOW)

17. I have never broken a bone, although I have busted my chin open and been stabbed in the eye (requiring stitches and an eyepatch).
18. I’m a proud introvert.
19. Specifically, I’m an INFJ.
20. I proudly share my birthday with Susan B. Anthony, Gary Clark Jr., and Chris Farley.
21. Technology has never been my forte, but I try!
22. I’ve played alto sax for seven years and have tried to learn piano off-and-on for almost fifteen.
23. I’m a picky eater. It’s awful.
24. My hair, too, is awful.
25. I’m very, very, very prone to being stressed.
26. I am not very affectionate and rarely hug anyone but my mother.
27. My favorite smell is vanilla.
28. I truly do not comprehend 98% of anything. Especially adult things…like taxes…
29. I kind of see myself as a very poorly drawn cartoon character in my head. Or a Muppet.

source: beliefnet.com

source: beliefnet.com

30. I often make references to TV shows, movies, or music that are unfortunately too subtle or obscure to ever be noticed.
31. Procrastination – like every Internet-user – is a big problem for me.
32. One day, I dream to have a charity or at least start a chapter of one.
33. I often get “hooked” on something for brief phases. Smoothies, certain YouTube channels, different genres of music, etc.
34. Although my family is a mixed bag of religiousness, I’m agnostic.
35. Although I’m from a fairly rural and conservative town, I’m liberal.
36. I love stories of the supernatural, hearing conspiracy theories, speculating on spirits and the meaning of everything – but I really don’t believe any of it anyway.
37. I am extremely nostalgic.
38. I think I’m hilarious. Do not encourage me. When I try to be punny, it is Code Red – evacuate immediately.
39. Post-it Notes and White boards are life-savers.
40. I hate opening gifts. I am awkward and no matter how much I love the gift, I find that I do not express anything very well.
41. When I do have to make a wishlist, it only ever includes music, movies, books, and office supplies.
42. I have a major sweet tooth.
43. My favorite season is always the “new one”. (At the beginning of Spring, it’s Spring. Midway through Fall, I long for winter…)
44. My favorite holiday might be Christmas. Maybe.
45. My birthday is the day after Valentine’s Day.
46. Puzzles are fun.
47. I ask a lot of questions. A lot.
48. Snail mail is lovely.
49. I make lots of check lists, to do lists, book lists, etc.
50. This list took a very long time to make.


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