(Belated) September Favorites

It’s suddenly October! Where did the time go?!

I have been really slacking with updating my blog and I apologize for that.

However, that just means I’ve been keeping busy at school – with homework and friends and, well, that’s basically it. So I haven’t even had a ton of time to browse the Internet for lots of favorites to share with you. But I have had time to watch YouTube and Netflix every once in a while. So here’s what I’m doing instead of the typical Favorites Post…

1) Favorite YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VteDp3IK-60

It’s kind of a tear-jerker, honestly. It’s a freaking beer commercial, but it’s sweet and it’s about reading and learning and determination and it’s worth the watch!

2) Favorite Netflix show: I watched the recently added seasons of both New Girl and Parks & Rec. So I recommend both of those. In addition, I finished Weeds – I’d give it an 8/10 so it’s pretty good, but honestly the beginning seasons and the final season were by far the best. Finally, I encourage you to watch Cool Runnings because it’s finally on Netflix and it’s my favorite movie, I swear…

That’s all! I’m sorry! I really hope to find time in the future but for now, thanks for sticking with me! Please comment with your own favorites from this month if you have them!


August Favorites

Every month, I will share some links to websites that I find interesting. Anything from articles to videos is fair game! These are this month’s favorites:


(This month is a little lighter – I have not had as much time to browse the internet lately! But I still quite enjoy these picks!)


A look into the importance of knowing foreign languages in business.

There are other forms of language beyond your typical verbal communication or body language. The Independent explains.

I really enjoyed reading this advice for learning foreign languages – maybe you will too!

A fascinating story of…xenoglossy? Reincarnation or discarnation? Possession? Multiple-personality disorder? Regardless of what it describes, it’s definitely worth the read.

Salon reveals translations translations of certain movie lines that are secretly pretty great. I found it amusing, anyway.

Success and Such

I thought this was a strong argument for using LinkedIn and wanted to pass it along to fellow college students.

Every wonder what rockers can teach entrepreneurs? This is the article for you.

Life Lessons

The HuffPost featured a really positive article that I wanted to share with everyone…you know, if you’re interested in the life lessons of a sunflower or anything.

SciFiNow lists the top ten sci-fi movies that deal with the meaning of life.

LiveScience looks into how kids learn morals (Hint: there’s a reason every fairy tale ends with “happily ever after”)

A Daily Dose of Satire

The Onion makes me laugh a little too hard yet again.


That wraps it up. Thanks for reading! Do you have any interesting articles you’d like to share? Feel free to do so in the comments!

July Favorites

Every month, I will share some links to websites that I find interesting. Anything from articles to videos is fair game! These are this month’s favorites:

 Foreign Language (lengua extranjera)

Happen to be working towards an MBA? Might want to brush up on your foreign language skills.

Anyone else a fan of foreign language films? I have to admit I was hoping to see more Spanish movies on this list of must-see foreign language films, but I’m still interested in seeing so many of these!

How amazing is this?! A new Swiss study suggests sleeping can improve foreign language studies.

I think this title sufficiently sums it up (though it’s definitely still worth the read): How We Kill Languages and Fail Our Cleverest Children.


Always important: teaching kids to give back.

Gee, even top-ranked teachers are calling BS on tests and rankings – probably because there are BETTER reasons for teaching.

Here’s another look at the special education field and all the more reason to be excited for my goals!

Re-emphasizing the benefits of hands-on learning, this article discusses active citizenship.

Picture books + Satire = How to ensure future generations won’t share articles from The Onion on social media as though it’s real news. 


I thought this Forbes article pointed out very interesting differences between millennials and baby boomers, specifically how we define success and how we approach our goals.

 The Boston Globe reports on how video games affect our moral code – the results are surprising (but not shocking).

Wondering how to stay inspired? This awesome infographic gives tips that will definitely help keep inspiration, motivation, and productivity levels up!

For fellow soon-to-be college freshmen, here’s a list of 8 things to do before college starts. I found it helpful – not only to know what I should be doing, but to find out I’m nearly set to go!

June Favorites

Every month, I will share some links to websites that I find interesting. Anything from articles to videos is fair game! These are this month’s favorites:


…there was an interesting study first reported by the Journal of Language and Social Psychology that shows using filler words like “I mean” or “like” might not be a sign of vapidness or Valley Girl-ishness.

…the HuffPost dished out seven reasons the brain loves being bilingual. I found this to be extremely fascinating and I’m glad that I am on my way to fluency in Spanish!

this article suggests your high school GPA actually matters. It gave me something to think about…and something to be infuriated about. On average, a female who earned a 4.0 GPA in high school will end up making the same amount as a male who earned a 2.0! See for yourself!

…about this news, which made me so excited (and built me back up after the whole GPA article)! This is so fantastic! Starbucks is investing in “human capital” by offering free college tuition to its workers. Wow!

…that WalMart is hoping to follow Starbucks’ lead? Ha! I thought this was hilarious, anyway. Three cheers for satire.

…about the awesomeness that is Finland? Here’s just one example.

…about the homelessness issues in relation to higher education?

…that our moral code can sometimes shift with which language we are speaking while making an ethical decision? Here’s another great article on the same topic for perspective.


This is such a fun site for the summer! Go on a little road trip to visit a great museum, historical site, state park, or some other great (and, yes, nerdy) place! Find what’s near you to prepare for your own day trip.

Check out this fantastic post about summer that I think we all need to remind us to stop being lazy and start doing the things summer is meant for. HackCollege has rapidly become one of my favorite sites.

Here’s a great idea! You can watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix or perhaps spend a day reading books from this OITNB-inspired reading list!

Try watching this fantastic video. It’s strangely comforting to hear others’ letters to themselves – especially when it’s teachers discussing their first day in front of a classroom. I really enjoy the SoulPancake YouTube channel and I also suggest the Write a Love Letter to Yourself video as well.

Maybe you’ll find this as interesting as I did: A woman sent her portrait to Photoshop experts from all over the globe to see how they defined beauty. The results are absolutely fascinating.

Volunteer your time, donate supplies or money – just DO SOMETHING to help others. This will be time well spent, I assure you.


Let’s be real; everyone could probably be more productive. In fact, according to this article, people are truly only productive three days out of a week on average. I certainly learned something!

Headed to college for the first time in the fall? Yeah, me too… Let’s check out this interesting article with tips for making friends there!

Maybe this is silly of me to be reading right now. But I love reading and think it’s super, positively, extremely important to instill the love of reading in children. I plan to do so when I’m a teacher. So I need this post for future reference.

Here’s a tip: watch your mouth when speaking a foreign language, there are false friends abound!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share your own favorites in the comments below.