July Favorites

Every month, I will share some links to websites that I find interesting. Anything from articles to videos is fair game! These are this month’s favorites:

 Foreign Language (lengua extranjera)

Happen to be working towards an MBA? Might want to brush up on your foreign language skills.

Anyone else a fan of foreign language films? I have to admit I was hoping to see more Spanish movies on this list of must-see foreign language films, but I’m still interested in seeing so many of these!

How amazing is this?! A new Swiss study suggests sleeping can improve foreign language studies.

I think this title sufficiently sums it up (though it’s definitely still worth the read): How We Kill Languages and Fail Our Cleverest Children.


Always important: teaching kids to give back.

Gee, even top-ranked teachers are calling BS on tests and rankings – probably because there are BETTER reasons for teaching.

Here’s another look at the special education field and all the more reason to be excited for my goals!

Re-emphasizing the benefits of hands-on learning, this article discusses active citizenship.

Picture books + Satire = How to ensure future generations won’t share articles from The Onion on social media as though it’s real news. 


I thought this Forbes article pointed out very interesting differences between millennials and baby boomers, specifically how we define success and how we approach our goals.

 The Boston Globe reports on how video games affect our moral code – the results are surprising (but not shocking).

Wondering how to stay inspired? This awesome infographic gives tips that will definitely help keep inspiration, motivation, and productivity levels up!

For fellow soon-to-be college freshmen, here’s a list of 8 things to do before college starts. I found it helpful – not only to know what I should be doing, but to find out I’m nearly set to go!