I Want to Speak Spanish Fluently…

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela


1. So I can watch Spanish movies without the subtitles.
2. So I can use Spanish settings on ATMs and other devices that offer the option.
3. So I can comfortably order in Spanish at authentic Mexican restaurants.
4. Because I want to dream in Spanish.
5. Because I’d love to read lots of Spanish literature.
6. In order to read the instructions on anything in Spanish.
7. To have a “secret code” if my sister continues to learn Spanish, too.
8. So I can understand passers-by.
9. To whip it out if a gaggle of friends and I are in some trouble with some sort of Spanish gang or the Mexican cartel or something and I can save us all, stunning and impressing all of my friends. It’s a highly unlikely event but just in case…
10. So I can listen to music and understand the Spanish lyrics, too.
11. Because I like having those “I forgot the English word for ____” moments.
12. To avoid a generic “I have listening skills”-type answer for the “What are you good at?”-type questions.
13. In order to finally consider myself bilingual.
14. Because I hope to be able to express myself through writing in not one but two languages.
15. To make Spanish-speaking friends, whom I can practice my skills with while speaking their native tongue.
16. So I could contact my high school Spanish teacher and show off my fluency in the language he inspired me to learn.
17. To create more opportunities for myself. This could make or break my employment status.
18. To connect with students. It means that once I get that job, I will be able to communicate with, teach, help, and inspire bilingual or Spanish-speaking students that are often not properly accommodated for.
19. To connect with the world. It means I can travel. There are over 20 countries that have a prominent Spanish-speaking population and 410,000,000 people I could speak to using their native language.
20. For the satisfaction of having learned something all new to me, knowing I worked so hard to get there.

That’s why.