Orientation: How it Went and the Unveiling of My First Semester Classes

On June 2nd, I attended my Orientation session at last! I took the photo for my student ID, went to lots of informational sessions, did some activities to get to know people, was generally over-loaded with information, and scheduled my classes!


Honestly, the whole day is sort of a blur. There was so much information given to us throughout the day and I retained so little of it. What I do know is that I’m super excited and pretty nervous. That’s not any different from what I felt before Orientation, just more clear and prominent in my mind. Anyway, one example of this mix of emotions that comes to mind is how I feel about my Spanish placement.

As mentioned, I intend to be a Spanish major. I placed into SPAN 330 (a Grammar and Composition class, which means I skipped four classes or levels before it). My high school Spanish teacher had told me that I would probably place into that class or the one below it, so I assumed I would be in the latter. To discover that I had indeed placed so high was quite a pleasant surprise! I’m so proud of myself and so excited! But…what if it’s too high? What if I’m clueless in that class and wait too long to switch because I decide to give myself time to determine whether or not I can catch up? All of that is possible. But in the meantime, I’m just super excited and kinda nervous.

Alright. Down to business. My schedule includes five classes (drumroll please):

  • Spanish
  • Linguistics
  • Religion
  • Music (jazz)
  • Math (College Algebra)

Plus, my earliest class isn’t until 10:30 and I have plenty of time for lunch – can I get a hallelujah?!

I can’t express my excitement enough! I can’t wait. Even though my schedule isn’t exactly as I envisioned (how in the world did I end up in a jazz class?) I am super content with it and am just SO EXCITED. Have I said that enough? Super excited, so pumped, very ready, excited excited excited! There.

I’d love to hear about any of your experiences at Orientation, so comment or contact me personally!