Me and My Program

So what are my credentials anyway?
This post really won’t answer that. (Technically, as I have no real credentials, this post wouldn’t exist at all if it were truly about my credentials…or lack thereof.)
But here’s how my school works.

I go to Truman State University, a fairly small liberal arts school in Kirksville, MO. It is roughly three hours away from my hometown. It was once a teacher’s education school. And it still excels in that area. However, the program is a little different than most. Truman offers a “built-in Master’s program” for education. Meaning you get your Bachelor’s degree in some field – such as history if you’re going to be a history teacher – and then get an MAE. They say people usually take 5 or 5.5 years to do this.
I hope to study elementary and/or special education. So I don’t really have a core subject to study, as a secondary education major likely would. I’ve been told Psychology is very popular for pre-elementary education students. And although I will probably find my way into a lot of psych classes, my true passion is Spanish.

Therefore, I hope to receive my Bachelor’s in Spanish and Masters’ in Elementary and (or) Special Education. The goal is to be in and out after 5.5 years or less. Preferably less. I really can’t wait to stop sitting behind a desk and start standing in front of twenty desks.

I have big plans – I’ll have so much room to move around with my degrees. I can teach elementary classes, special education, Spanish, dual-language classrooms, English as a Second Language, etc. I could even teach in foreign countries with my Spanish skills! I’m very excited for all of these possibilities and I know I will move around and do as much as possible in my life.

One thing I definitely hope and plan to do is be active with charities. Not only volunteering, but perhaps even opening a chapter or a branch of a charity (like Operation Backpack or First Book) in my area or school. Heck, maybe I’ll start an entirely new not-for-profit organization of my own!

Another possibility is getting into politics.

I am not a fan of the American education system as it is now and I so strongly believe in education and children – if I can’t change the system from within a classroom, I might just try to do so from some political office. We’ll have to see where life goes.

So…moral of the story is that even though I know what I’ll do (study Spanish and education), I don’t have any idea what I’m gonna do (public vs. private schools, elementary/special/foreign language education, teaching vs. politics, etc.)
And yet you’re here, listening to all I have to say to you.